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  • Posted in: Human Resources

    Since it looks like the DOL's proposal on raising the minimum salary for exempt employees to $50,440 will be happening in the next few months, I am curious how others in our industry are addressing the issue. ------------------------------ Monte McGilvray...

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    RE: 401K Audit

    Posted in: Human Resources

    Kushner-Smith-Joanou-Gregson (KSJG) Irvine, CA 949 261-2808 Alex Sanchez They are fantastic, and have done our 401k audits for more than 9 years. ------Original Message------ Hi Everyone-- Does...

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    401K Audit

    Posted in: Human Resources

    Hi Everyone-- Does anyone have a company that you would recommend to perform your 401K audit? We currently use someone local (which I really don't think is necessary--they don't usually come onsite) but we are pretty unhappy with the quality of...

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